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Eaton 9 Series UPS

9130 1–6 KVA - Eaton 9130 can provide up to 95% efficiency in online double conversion mode and up to 98% in high-efficiency mode with 0.9 output power factor, constantly monitors power conditions and regulates voltage and frequency. Even when presented with the most severe power problems.

9155  10–30 KVA - Eaton 9155, double conversion UPS, is designed to protect high 0.9 p.f. rated with single phase output with front end IGBT rectifier technology.



9355 10–40 KVA - Eaton 9355 is a three phase double conversion UPS for protection of critical systems & can be paralleled for redundancy and capacity using Eaton's patented Hot Sync® technology.


9390 40–160 KVA - Eaton 9390 double-conversion process,   The industry’s best combination of efficiency, management of THD, power factor and power protection, sensitive electronic systems are completely isolated from raw utility power and all its irregularities. The highest level of protection available and enables equipments to perform to manufac­turer specifications





9395  275–1100 KVA -  Eaton 9395, delivers an efficiency of up to 94.5 per cent in double conversion mode. This high level of performance is powered by modern transformer-free technology with small, lightweight filter inductors, high performance IGBTs in the rectifier and inverter, and an advanced control algorithm.

9E  80–200 KVA - Eaton 9E, a transformer-free design and sophisticated sensing and control circuitry, capable of achieving up to a 98% efficiency rating, making it one of the most energy-efficient UPSs in its class, Patented Eaton Hot Sync® technology makes it possible to parallel up to four UPSs to increase availability or add capacity. The technology enables load sharing without any communica­tion line, thus eliminating single point of failure.

93E  80–400 KVA - Eaton 93E, a transformer-free design and sophisticated sensing and control circuitry, capable of achieving up to a 98.5% efficiency, detects the location of faults (utility or load) and ­takes the appropriate action,  Large LCD graphically displays UPS status and easy access to measure­ments, controls and settings.






Blade UPS   12–60 KW - Eaton Blade UPS is extremely flexible and supports multiple config­urations including power protection in each rack, centralized protection, zone protection or hybrid as required & multiple power distribution options including the Rack Power Module (RPM), ePDUs or hardwired. The 3U RPM delivers single-phase power and can be deployed in the same rack as the UPS and IT equipment.